How Many Ex-NBA Players are Jehovah’s Witnesses? A Full Explanation

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So, how many ex nba players are Jehovah’s Witnesses and what led them to make such a big decision

Here is the list of how many ex NBA players are Jehovah’s witnesses.

I spent the whole day researching the NBA players that are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I built this list by looking at the players that were specifically within the Jehovah’s Witnesses community and not those of just Christian faith. You can name multiple players of different types of faiths, but there are only a handful who are JW’s, so I thought it would be a good idea to make this list.

Keep reading to find out how many former NBA players are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

#1 – Dewayne Dedmon

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Dewayne Dedmon was actually a Jehovah’s Witness while he was growing up, as his mother was incredibly religious. After his father passed away at three years old, his family, especially his mother, became more remembering of God.

Dedmon went against his mom’s wishes and decided to play basketball once he turned 18 years old. It was challenging at first due to Dedmon’s build being slim, and he didn’t really have any muscle for a sport that involves so much physicality.

During high school, Dedmon was riding the bench most of the time but started shining during his years in college. He ended up being undrafted in 2013, but the Warriors still acquired him, and he’s still playing in the NBA today with the Philadelphia 76ers (as of now).

His mother eventually accepted his wish to play basketball, and she’s even attended some games since her acceptance.

#2 – Darren Collison

Photo by Troy Taormina, USA Today Sports

Unlike Dedmon, Darren Collison became a devoted Jehovah’s Witness during his playing career, not when he was growing up or before he picked up a basketball.

He made a shocking announcement on June 28, 2019 that he was going to retire, but not being forced to because of injury, but he made the decision to leave the sport to focus on religion.

The NBA stated that he knocked on doors to pass out literature and speaks with whoever answers their doors. He also kept his faith quiet during his years with the Pacers, as he wanted to keep his beliefs a private matter in the workplace environment.

Collison did make a comeback during the 2021-2022 season, and he joined the LA Lakers, who were a struggling team that year (didn’t even make the playoffs!). He has proven that a player can be dedicated to their religion while also playing elite level basketball.

#3 – Danny Granger

Photo by Brian Spurlock, USA Today Sports

Danny Granger had an upbringing revolving around JW, and his family encouraged him to have strong faith as they believed it would help him throughout life.

The most well known player on the list with the most improved player of the season award (2009) in his repertoire remained adamant in his religious beliefs. He enjoyed a lengthy career, being drafted in 2005 and deciding to hang up the boots in 2015.

Granger decided to be baptized two years after he retired from professional basketball in 2017. Religion played a big part throughout Granger’s life; it kept him a righteous person who stayed out of crime, and he put his time and energy into basketball instead, which paid off for him greatly.

Danny Granger and Brittany Schmitt Saga

Photo by Troy Conrads, Troy Conrad Photography

Brittany Schmitt has seen a surge of attention and scrutiny over her comedy special that was uploaded to YouTube in July. Schmitt explained that an NBA player that she didn’t name but was suggestive of who it was that called her out of nowhere.

She had thought he was calling to reminisce about their s**ual encounters, but his call was far from the one she was expecting.

Instead, he went on to state that he was now a Jehovah’s Witness. Schmitt then laughed at him and told him about the sins he committed with her.

After she wrote the joke, her husband then did a quick Google search to check, “How many ex nba players are Jehovah’s witnesses?” But the search only revealed two NBA players, as her husband said “There’s two”. My research shows that there were 3 ex NBA players who were Jehovah’s witnesses.

She then told the audience that when they go home and do the Google search, it’s “the light-skinned one.” Everything hints towards Danny Granger, as out of the three NBA players, he is the only one who is light-skinned.

Comedians often make up lies that put them in the spotlight, so this could very well be one of those times. However, the fact that she talks about the story and encounter on the phone in such a specific way only points to the story being real and not fabricated at all.

Granger himself has not addressed Schmitt’s comments yet, and he has neither confirmed nor denied the accusation of having s**xual experiences with her. Schmitt has not addressed the story since the special.

Video by Don’t Tell Comedy, Youtube


There are a total of 3 ex NBA players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Dedmon was a Jehovah’s Witness growing up, as his mother pushed this on him even though he wanted to pursue different things in life. He started playing late at the age of 18, but soon landed a roster spot in the NBA, where he had an incredible career as a role player. His mother soon accepted his decision to focus on basketball.

Collison became faithful and became closer to God during his career. During the peak of his career, with offers of around $10 million at the time, he decided to retire solely for religious reasons.

He went door to door, spreading the good word of JW. He made a comeback to the NBA and continues to balance religion and basketball to this day.

Granger was brought up in a JW household. He is the most well known player and decided to get baptized in 2017. Although there has been drama in his life (potentially committing major sins), he stays true to being a JW and spreads the word even to someone he allegedly committed sins with, and this shows how good his character really is.

Politics have been a mess in the NBA lately. Players will now most likely keep quiet about their religious views to keep hold of their endorsements and player contracts, so this is the current list of ex NBA players who are JW’s.

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