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A basketball game is 40 minutes with 10 minute quarters, as ruled by FIBA.

After a couple of hours of deep research into how long a basketball game is for different leagues and skill levels, I’ve compiled a detailed article explaining my findings.

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  • How Long Does an NBA Game Last?
  • How Long is a FIBA Basketball Game?
  • How Long is a College Basketball Game?
  • How Long is a Timeout?
  • How Long Does it Take to Watch a Basketball Game?
  • What about the intervals?
  • What other factors can affect the duration of a basketball game?

How Long Does an NBA Game Last?

An NBA game is 48 minutes in total. It is spread over four quarters, with each quarter lasting 12 minutes.

The game clock can be stopped for the ball going out of bounds or other in-game interferences. For this reason, the game isn’t actually 48 minutes, even excluding factors like timeouts, halftime, etc. It is actually closer to 53 or 54 minutes of game time.

How Long is a FIBA Basketball Game?

40 minutes in total across four quarters, with each quarter being 10 minutes long. FIBA has a slightly shorter game than the NBA.

The International Basketball Federation is the governing body of basketball worldwide, and they impose basketball rules and work with large leagues like the NBA, Euroleague, etc.

The reason why FIBA games are shorter than NBA games is the physicality. Players are more physically tough on opposing players, and fouls are not called as much as in the NBA. Referees stick by the rules FIBA sets and don’t bend them under any circumstances.

The biggest rule that affects players, especially guards, is that players can stay in the paint for as long as they want, compared to the NBA, where they have only 3 seconds to stay in there. Due to this, it actually does make sense for the game to be shorter for a match that is so physical.

How Long is a College Basketball Game?

A college game is 40 minutes long too. However, the key difference is that there’s only 2 halves and no quarters at all, so there’s less resting time and less commercials too, making it an enjoyable experience for the viewer.

Halftime is 15 minutes as usual for college games; however, during special occasions, this will be extended to 20 minutes, for example, during March Madness.

Not all college basketball games are televised, so timeouts are not required for some games, making it a shorter game. There are 4 total timeouts for each team in college basketball compared to the NBA’s 7, so the games are not as lengthy.

How Long is a Timeout?

Timeouts are usually 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the league) that disrupt game time. It would be perfect if your home team is blowing out the opposing team and not needing a timeout; however, they are mandatory to take.

Not all timeouts need to be taken, so it really depends on the score if a timeout should be taken. The closer a game is, the more likely it is that all the timeouts will be used.

How Long Does it Take to Watch a Basketball Game?

A basketball player practicing as the sun sets.

It usually takes two hours to watch a basketball game. Although basketball is only 40–48 minutes of game time, it tends to stretch over to 2 hours of watching time due to timeouts, halftime, and in-game interferences.

Halftime shows take time out as they are restricted to only a few minutes, but sometimes they go over their time, which eats into the schedule, making the games longer sometimes because of it.

What about the intervals?

We’d live in an ideal world if there were no breaks in the first and third quarters, so it’s continuous game time, but we don’t. There are small intervals for the first and third quarters, which consist of two to three-minute breaks.

Halftime has the single biggest break in the game of 15 minutes where players can have a cooldown, but we as viewers can also grab a quick bite to eat or get an ice-cold soda.

What other factors can affect the duration of a basketball game?

There are other factors, apart from timeouts and halftime, that can affect the length of a basketball game.


Although it’s a rare occurrence, fights still happen in today’s game. The seriousness of the fight can affect how long it lasts. A small fight with just a punch thrown or an altercation can be quickly broken up and just lead to tech fouls with only a couple of minutes eating into gametime.

A bigger fight, which is more common in European games, cannot just be broken up; all hell breaks loose and players are swinging with no care for the repercussions. These fights and the aftermath can take up more than 10 minutes of playing time, and sometimes the games get canceled entirely if the fight is huge and interferes with the game too much.


We don’t like seeing injuries, but they do happen and are regular occurrences in basketball games. An injury stops the gaming clock and includes a long stoppage because of it. Often, medical professionals who are on hand assess the player on the court and determine the complexity of the injury.

Free Throws

Giannis shooting a free throw (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Free throws cause the game clock to be stopped completely, and then players are allowed to shoot each free throw with a 10-second window. So if a player draws 10 fouls, a game is an extra 3 minutes long.

Players like Antetokounmpo go over the 10 seconds as their free throw routine is longer, and so they release their shot later. It’s against the rules, however, it comes down to the referees for not punishing the player.


Overtime is 5 minutes long. The game cannot end in a tie, so there’s an unlimited amount of overtime until a team snatches the win. Now considering the clock being stopped for fouls (which is more common in OT as players are more defensive so the game is more physical), potential injuries, free throws, etc., the game can be a lot longer than expected.

One big thing to consider is that there is a timeout awarded to each team during the overtime period. Both of these are almost always taken, which also adds to the length of a basketball game.

Final Thoughts 

So how long is a basketball game?

To sum everything up, a basketball game is normally 40 minutes long with 10 minute quarters. In the NBA, it is 48 minutes with 12 minute quarters.

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